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Beauty of Dawn

The Dragonborn Comes Recording Tutorial

Hey guys! I was finally able to film this video where I record The Dragonborn Comes step by step to show you how I like recording ...

Redesign! Redesign!

Hey guys! Please bare with me as the site is undergoing some changes this weekend. Hopefully you can still visit the FREE page if ...

New Video: The Banner Saga Medley

Hey guys! First post of the year. Woo! :) I recently got to record some vocals for a game called The Banner Saga, developed ...

Thor stares at a cheesecake

He Stood There Forever

Vocals for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Vengeance DLC

I got to record vocals for another easter egg song in Black Ops 2, this time for the Vengeance DLC released on July 2nd. I love this song written by Kevin Sherwood, and it was cool to get to see how he put the track together. From demo guitars and drums to the full-fledged badass arrangement mixed ...


Skyrim Companion

Journalist Paul Dean recently interviewed Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule for Eurogamer. Paul posted some additional quotes from his conversation with Jeremy on his blog, and I read something that left me sitting here in silence. Thinking. When discussing his Skyrim score, Jeremy spoke of wanting ...


Legen… wait for it… DARY!

I’ve always felt the Halo games are pretty noble for people like me who aren’t naturally pro when it comes to FPS’s. The difficulty settings allowed me to enjoy the games at different stages of my n00bness. I used to play on Easy. I was terrified of online multiplayer for this reason. I got ...